Wednesday, December 29, 2004

The Sensei is Always Right

A quick update to the previous...

The Artist doesn't have a date. (Of course I assumed that because of Paranoid Self.)
He was being cagy because he had with him Mr. Turner, who I haven't seen in over a year, whose copy of Rimbaud's A Season In Hell has moved with me twice, waiting for him to return. The Artist just wanted it to be a surprise.

And he did. And I'm so happy I don't even care that I have to work, because I have my Mr. Turner back again.

This is the best of all possible surprises. Oh, and I got my CD burner. That's pretty cool too, so I'm probably going to be in mix-making land for a while now. Once I get off work, that is.

So many beloved ones coming back into my life...the Doctor, the Artist, Mr. Turner. Maybe now we can find Magus.

Currently reading: nothing, because in the flutter over my surprise I left all reading material at home. Will probably spend most of the night at work on Velcrometer, and reading Special Sauce's blog, since she was my very first leaver of comments, and loves Tomato Nation too, which I want to be updated like a selfish child, even though I know that Sars is busy and I can't have a new Girl's Bike Club every week like I want. I am one spoiled American.

Oh well, time to pay the bills.


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