Thursday, December 30, 2004

Again, With the Falling Raindrop! (Water Torture Remix)

I am

Picture me all red in the face and talking like Cartman because of spikes in my blood pressure.

Not enough plugs, no cat food, no TP, no way to make sure the new CD burner works, no sales worth crap tonight, no support who knew the difference between their own ass and a hole in the ground (until the fourth call), and not enough hours this week. Dammit. Dammit. Dammit.

Time to say what I'm thankful for in 2004, now that's said.

I'm glad this year is over.
I'm glad I didn't go to the hospital any more or any longer than I did.
I'm glad I didn't spend more than $2000 on car repair this year.
I'm glad Mr. Turner came back, and the Doctor. I'm glad I started hanging out with my other friends from high school, now that they've moved back home, too.
I'm glad the Artist broke up with the Worthless SoulSucking Waste of Human Flesh as quickly as he did, because it was becoming impossible to remain civil after she took my heart, stomped on it, and started going out with the only man I love that way.
I'm glad I went celibate to stop that kind of drama.
I'm glad I started hanging out with Kevin. I'm not really sure why, because Kevin sometimes gets on my nerves, but I'm glad I have a Kevin.
I'm glad I finally managed to get my SortOfStalker off my tail.
I'm glad I ran away to Virginia this year and had an adventure with Dr. Becca, even if I did break my toe, and I'm going to do it again. Without the toe getting broken.
I'm glad I broke my lease and left my slum apartment for the nice one I have now, and I'm glad I got to live with DCHSarah and her husband in the Casa Poco, even if I never want to do it again.
I'm glad I found the middle kitty when he ran away during the move.
I'm glad I maxed out my credit card, because without it I would have gotten out of hospital and been homeless.
I'm glad I got three tattoos this year, because tattoos make me happy.
I'm glad I adopted the baby cat.
I'm glad that my nephew didn't die when he got his heart operated on twice.
I'm glad I went back to BUST.
I'm glad I found Tomato Nation and
I'm glad I donated library books and became a Cool Kid.
I'm glad I didn't go to jail and I'm glad I got my car back when it was stolen.
I'm glad I made the biggest collage I've ever seen, even if I need the Artist to help me hang it up.
I'm glad to still be here. A couple of times, that was up in the air.

I'm also glad I can do this kind of thing with a straight face, because if it was anyone else I'd be laughing my ass off at her for being such a silly maudlin wench.


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