Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Your Hippie's Not Mean (She's Just Adjusting)

Sorry for the impromptu sabbatical, folks. Stuff on the real-life front got very complicated this week, plus I'm stuck with a combo of shanks' mare and public transportation (not what it should be; Nashville is a driving town. As Waylon Jennings once told Kinky Friedman outside a Nashville laundrymat, "Walkin's bad for your image." It also makes you really tired and tempts you to spend most of your post-work hours in a stupor of small snacks and hot baths and going to bed at 9 pm.

Still haven't heard about the New Job. If I'm going to get it I'll hear by the end of the week. But they're hiring three people in the department this year, so even if I don't get it on the first go-around I'll just try it on the flip. A bit more good vibeage thrown this way wouldn't hurt.

Also, my Internet was out for 2 days, I have to go to court to keep my license (over a non-moving violation ticket I thought I paid 2 months ago), and my car still isn't fixed. I have until April 8 to get insurance. And I am not getting any cash back from the government this year. In fact, I owe them $35.

So it's pretty much balls to the wall over here; I'm working overtime, trying to get my house in order. If I disappear that's probably why.

Anyhow, I am going to bed for now. Tomorrow I'll try to make more sense.


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