Monday, January 24, 2005

It Seems Like Vegetation Is A Friend Of Mine

You get a line and I'll get a pole, honey
You get a line and I'll get a pole, babe
You get a line, I'll get a pole
We'll go down to that crawdad hole
Oh honey, baby mine...

Well, it was a weekend. My character died, which pissed me off a lot. The Artist wouldn't let me rejoin the campaign until after the next bit, which is perfectly reasonable given the story, but still, grr! I was stuck at a house watching other people play because it was snowing too hard to go home, so I ended up writing a letter to my vrai-fils, who is in the Army and going mad because at the training he's in he's not allowed to have books. (I'm getting ready to smuggle him a French to English dictionary so he can stimulate his brain.)

Yesterday I went out with DesignSchoolHomie and The Fisherman and ate ridiculous amounts of cheese, then watched a guy play Grand Theft Auto for about four hours. I've had worse nights, especially since I was blowed out of my mind.

Tomorrow is the full moon, and I have a pretty good ritual planned, to bless the box I made and a new statue I have. I have to do some more work on it tonight.

Other than that, I have jackshit to do, at least until later when I go pick up the steam cleaner from GTA Guy's girlfriend. I'm just going to vegetate and read Desperate Housewives recaps on TWoP. Then tomorrow I have to help CDHSarah try to get a job with my call center so she can stop entertaining thoughts of how long she could feed her family off her fat, dumbass Rottweiler. If I were as smart as I pretend to be, I'd be reading Sagas of Icelanders or making notes for the book, but I'm too lazy. Plus, I have to cobble together a ritual and try to find my I Ching, which has removed itself from its usual place and is hiding somewhere in my bedroom. And I should get started on a new winter tunic for Imbolc, but -- not. That would require a trip to Walgreen's, and I'm not about it, because it's cold and I'm tired and that's just too much effort.

See, I'm boring and lazy most of the time. Who woulda thunk it?
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At 5:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


so i went to my books and figured out why i know so little about elegbara.

we tend to associate him with Exú, and sometimes call him Exú legbara. now, i know all sorts of things! i'm wondering if you have a coyote as a power animal, it would fit so well......

any road. here is something for you:


Adíjààle takété

Bàbá òríta

A fi'bi díre, a fire díbi

Má se mi o

Má so béèni mi di béèko

Má so béèko mi di béèni

Ojòwú okùnrín



One who starts a fight, then stands aside

Old man at the crossroads

One who recompenses good with ill and ill with good

Do not undo me

Do not change my 'yes' to 'no'

Do not change my 'no' to 'yes'

Jealous man

(Ogundipe, 1999)

axé, zen, my dearest. axé.



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