Sunday, January 09, 2005

Hibbity Hoo Bah!

The kitten stepped on the surge protector.
The surge protector fucked up the electron flow in the TV, and now it's half green.
I knew I should have gotten the pimpy, comes-with-insurance surge protector. I am a fool.
According to Don Shiftador, it would cost as much to fix as to get another tiny TV at the pawn shop. So it's a new TV, or an N64 to play on the TV with screwed up color. Maybe at least it will make the 'shrooms plus fascinant.

I don't watch that much television, so we'll see if this is liveable. Probably I will be cheap until I go down to G-town and see if Mr. Morrison will fix it for me for less, since all that's involved is a large magnet and about 5 minutes.

But Special Sauce is my Elvis Twin, which is cool, and the computer is now not a scary mess of wires, which is cool too, and everything on this side of the living room is in a new and better place. Except the TV, which is fucked.

And Sars is supposed to post the Rush Limbaugh/FCC complaint stuff to TINO, which is awesome. You should be there, because if there's anything that's good, it's using a ridiculously stringent government agency against a ridiculous idiot. Let's see if Audre Lorde was entirely correct about the master's house and the master's tools....

All the stuff I'm reading and whatnot is below.

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At 7:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you FEEL awesome because you ARE.

are you RESPLENDENT, as well???

com muito amor,



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