Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Stuff I Know (And Some Stuff I Wish I Didn't)

inspired by my Elvis Twin's entry.

Stuff I Know

1.) My boss is a dipshit without the most basic understanding of general math or applied statistics.

2.) My kitten thinks she's a panther, instead of a scrawny baby cat.

3.) You cannot keep a white-tiled bathroom completely clean in a house of dark-furred cats.

4.) The Principia Discordia is awesome.

5.) I should go back to bed.

Stuff I Wish I Didn't Know

1.) I am probably losing one of my jobs, sooner rather than later. This will not destroy me, but it will put me in a bind for a while.

2.) George W. has given up the pretense of WMDs now that he has the country for four more years, and that's scary.

3.) My parents are out of town for two weeks, which is good for them, but I kind of wish they were here while I'm all gross and sad. Sometimes you just want your mom.

4.) The Elder Cat is cleaning her fur off, and I can't get her to the vet for another week, so I just have to keep putting antibiotic ointment on her bald spot. That makes me want to cry.

5.) The Lounge is down for maintenance.

Off to lie in bed and read the Principia and try to get up the energy to go to work tonight.


At 12:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm sorry about the job, (((zen))), the suckiness that they suck is immeasurable.
is your cat still licking her fur off? my cat did that, too, after i moved out of my family house and away from him. in addition to the ointment, try tying a kerchief around her neck. it's kind of cute and jaunty, and it makes her access to the defurred area harder.

At 1:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

er, i forgot to say that that previous post is from jinx. so you didn't get a note from a creepy anonymous person, its from creepy me!


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