Saturday, March 05, 2005

Kitty Kitty Poo, Where Are You?

The MK has not returned.

At this point he has been gone a little over 24 hours (I'm pretty sure he got out shortly before 7 yesterday morning). This is nothing. He has been gone for (once) 5 days at a time.

All hope is not lost.

My pendulum (one of my very favorite divinatory devices) insists strongly that I will see him again, that he is not hurt or dead, that he is hiding, and that if I don't find him myself he will come back on his own.

I slept with the Green Man under my pillow and dreamed about the MK sitting in a tree, not particularly distressed, just chillin'.

On the practical front, I am making flyers and putting them around the apartments and the neighborhood below us (we're on a hill and surrounded by a residential neighborhood.) A reward will be offered. Design School Homie is coming to drive me around the area in a little while.

CDHSarah has driven the same route 3 times and has seen no roadkill, which is gross, but comforting.

On the pagan front, I've called the members of my group who deal in Green Man related magick and there are multiple spells being performed right now to tell MK to get his little ass home. I'm pulling out my St. Francis cross before the search, and St. Jude is watching over the bowl of food on the back deck.

Thanks to all the Bloggers and BUSTies sending their positive thoughts out to us. I just have to keep telling myself that he does this EVERY SPRING (because he does) and that as soon as he is done proving that he's a big badass he'll come home wanting to be fed and petted. It's easier to keep that up when there are so many people with various appendages crossed, candles burning and so on.

I love you, L'mn'j'lo. (Don't tell the others but you've always been my favorite.) Your kitten is wandering around the house making dismayed noises wondering where you are. How about you come on back, and I'll feed you some rare hamburger, OK?

Love y'all. Thanks bunches. Keep those prayers coming.


At 11:27 PM, Blogger Memphis Word Nerd said...

Still hoping...

At 12:16 AM, Blogger parcequilfaut said...

One of his signature habits is carrying away the food can when he's eating.

I came home today from flyering and the food can was gone.

Hope still alive on this end.


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