Friday, May 06, 2005

If We Could Fix Stuff, Why Would We Be Discordians?

Just as everything negatively chaotic fixed itself, the thing I wanted to happen least happened.

I broke my compy.

Not permanently. I somehow fucked up while installing the wireless router so I could hook up my phone. So now I have no phone, and no internets, until I either get ComCast out to my house to fix whatever I did while installing the @#$% wireless router (sometime next century) or I find one of my poverty-stricken friends and make them fix it for me.

Send my puter love, because all it's good for right now is Winamp shuffle. And I still don't have a phone. Dammit. Also, anyone with my Secret Squirrel email needs to email me at parcequilfaut at yahoo dot com until further notice.


In the good news, Tish loved the statues, I did my first ever paid I Ching reading, and my kitties are precious. Really! Scroll down and look at'em! And then go give ET love, and the Evil one. And CDHSarah, too, I guess.


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