Tuesday, April 26, 2005

God Sent Me A Telegram And All It Said Was Fnord

It's fun to be a Discordian.

First things fifth: CDHSarah has her blog up. The first post as of this writing has not been copyedited because she had to rush out of work today to meet me.

Went to dinner with another who is often mock-accused of being Discordian -- ConservativeWiccan.

Well, first I went to dinner with CDHSarah, actually. We ate fajitas and talked about...girl stuff, I don't know, just hang-out chat about PUF and the people we met and what we want to do next year and how there's some shady shit going on at one of the other alternative religion bookstores in town and how it's fortuitous that we know BitchGoddessTysh and can fall back on shopping at her place, which is smaller, but family-run and not nearly as shady. (Plus, her whole family pretty much kicks ass. She is married to The One and Only Patrick, after all, not to mention having raised the Elf.) Later, I'll post the pic of the fiery Cernunnos I got at her shop to balance out the energy of the passive Green Man over the front door, but I can't get a good shot at the moment.

When I dropped her back at the shop, ConservativeWiccan was there, and as Tysh was in the middle of a consultation, we ended up sitting on the front porch and talking Discordianism, mantras (new mantras huzzah), Cosmic Egg theory, Chinese elemental use, high functioning autism, pantheism versus panentheism, the current nasty undertone of Muslim-hate and how to confront it, parables, and the reasons why people call him a Discordian despite his complete unfamiliarity with the Principia, including his self-confessed desire to have the Gideons bible up the cabins one year before PUF to force people to confront their prejudices. We took the decision across the street, where he got some grub and I got a cherry Coke (the real kind, with grenadine and floating cherries) and the conversation ranged over psychiatric conditions, the human capacity to pigeonhole, and the I Ching some more.

Also, got in a good conversation with Sars about her recent post on Laws With No Names, and told another friend how I use the Net of Eristothanes (set of conditions which can be used to test prime numbers) in determining the magical value of things like measurements. And found out that I'm not alone in determining that ZeShad is Ze Nutbar.

God, thank You for my brain, because without it, I would be awfully bored. Is it this fun to watch TV?


At 12:45 AM, Anonymous ladyalambil said...

No. it is not nearly as fun. Which is why I don't and instead read blogs like yours and talk to peculiar people such as yourself!

At 7:01 AM, Blogger Special Sauce said...

Enh, I can sum up every single TV show I regularly watch anyway:

Someone dies, undoubtedly before they "should" have. Law enforcement investigates. Law enforcement cracks wise. Law enforcement is stumped. Main suspect cracks wise. Suspect slips up. Suspect is apprehended. Trial (optional). The end.

You're much more interesting, AND you're not in reruns! :)

At 8:27 AM, Blogger Irina Tsukerman said...

What are:
*Cosmic Egg theory
*Cernunnos and Green Man?

At 11:06 AM, Anonymous CDHSarah said...

Personally I think CDHSarah is waaaaay cooler than you;oP And whats with the "ate dinner with sarah...then I had this really COOL dinner with soandso and it was waaay cooler than fahitas..."

God you're fun to tease...

although we both know I can only be spoken to on a "fourth grade level" and therefore did not understand a SINGLE thing you were talking about....i still enjoyed it :)

At 11:54 AM, Anonymous CDHSarah said...

responding to your last question: Depends on what you're smoking:)

And I would like to extend a formal apoligy to all those reading this and other comments WITH THE EXCEPTION OF PARCEQUILFAUT who by now should know I am coo-coo or at least a bit odd:)

At 4:18 PM, Blogger parcequilfaut said...

Discordians are worshippers of Eris, the Greek goddess of Discord. Their primary text is the Principia Discordia, available online at Fnord.org. I am a Discordian and have talked about it in previous posts if you scan through the archives...

Cosmic Egg theory is Asian in origin (Chinese I believe but won't state definitively), although it appears in other cultures, and has to do with the creation myth; it is eerily similar to Big Bang theory, as it involves the entire universe being contained inside an egg, which broke when God spoke and created the basic dualities which underlie the Tao, which dualities then became more complex and made the world. That's a shortened version of it, and I'll blog at a future time about my brother Jim and I and OUR Cosmic Egg Theory, or Why the Egg Broke In the First Place.

Panentheism is almost exactly identical to pantheism. It has to do with God's relative size, honestly...pantheism means God-is-all with the implication of "and nothing else", and panentheism is "God is all, and then some", that while each piece of creation is part of God, there are parts of God (usually God's consciousness) which are outside creation/the Universe.

Cernunnos is the Horned God, a nature deity, the Lord of the Hunt and Lord of the Animals. Later images of Satan with horns and goat legs come from exposure to the cultures who worshipped him; they turned him into the devil later. The Green Man is sort of the anthropomorphized spirit of Nature. Image searches at Google will give you better representations than Wikipedia, but their definitions are good.

I have to go and vacuum now. Wassail! And don't pay any attention to CDHSarah, she's certifiable.

At 8:30 AM, Blogger Irina Tsukerman said...

Thank you for your explanations. it all sounds very interesting, and I do hope you'll continue blogging about it. And I love crazy (see my blog sign)! : )


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