Sunday, February 05, 2006


All last night, that's what I got when I tried to go to my blog, ET's blog, GoddessA's blog, or Irina's blog. The RenReb's site was working OK, which was good. So was Richard's Midlife Crisis, which was...less than good.

This guy is still blogging (click if you want, but don't bother to comment; last week he still had his headline with the word spelled "happyness", but didn't allow the comment through that showed me correcting him.), and was still accessible. Irony. RenReb didn't have new content because it was Shabbat, and I would be happy if that guy never had any new content, ever again, because ew.

I went to my second Dao Ceremony today, bringing folks to receive, and we all had a good time, and I worked and made some money, and now I'm smoking cigarettes and drinking beer and ignoring the fact that I have a seven-forty-five AM wake-up call scheduled.

NOW sent me a new Keep Abortion Legal sticker, which was nice of them as the one on my car is almost dead. I'm going to send them the three bucks I have hanging around in cash to keep the favor, and wash the taste of That Guy's Blog out of my mouth.

In other good news, the long-awaited GBC XI is up. Read it here.

Basically it's been a good day. Here, for their comic value, the Minor Wrinkles:
* En route to Dao Ceremony, completely missing the exit to I-40 because of the ridonkulous construction, and having to rely entirely on the directions of the beautiful Bethums, which was fine, except...
* Ending up heading to Dao Ceremony by different route, and not having the written directions, being able to focus only on the road we needed being "New [Virtue] Natural Feature Road", subsequently realizing that we first had to turn onto [Direction]New [Virtue] Road once that road was safely behind us, and doing a three-point turn in the van in a church parking lot. (Clarification: I'm not going to ID the street, hence the brackets, but "Natural Feature" is verbatim; I didn't remember exactly what type of Natural Feature the builders of that subdivision had named the street after).
*Missing out on the chance to buy a lottery ticket when I had meant to do so. Maybe no one won the jackpot; I haven't checked and don't care enough to expend the tenth of an erg it would take to pick up the phone, so I'll just see if the jackpot amount is back down in the morning.
(note: no one did. Up to $210 million. So it didn't matter.)
*Coming home after a long and mostly beautiful day just to get revenge-pissed on by the EK when it was time for her meds...usually we wrap her in a towel for the actual process because, for one, she's got a UTI and the sporadic peeing is to be expected, and two, if we didn't we'd get sliced to ribbons and still not get the meds down her. As she's gotten more used to the process (although she still hides if she thinks it's meds time), I haven't had to be as careful about making sure her ass was actually inside the towel when I carried her to the bathroom to get drugged up, because the involuntary-peeing-when-lifted has basically stopped. But the little bitch looked me in the face and peed ALL OVER ME. She's mad about the meds and this is how she deals with it? Gives Mean Girls a whole new aspect.

But if a little pee and lost is the worst I have to deal with, how blessed I am. Have a good day, y'all.


At 11:15 AM, Blogger Irina Tsukerman said...

I've been getting that message with some of the blogs as well. I think Blogger fixed it by now, though!

At 7:42 PM, Blogger parcequilfaut said...

They FINALLY did.
What made me ill was that when I sent them my nice, specific problem report, they responded with a form email that rehashed the troubleshooting page and said that they'd only handle my problem if I responded to THAT email.

I had already troubleshot it. I was ill.

At 2:40 PM, Blogger Charles said...

Hey parce, been meaning to come back to visit, sorry it took me so long. Interesting post. Say, if I would give you a "Put Abortion Back In The State Legsilatures Where It Belongs" sticker, could I get $3 too?


Love your blog,


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