Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Maine Is Full Of Good, Folksy People Such as Myself

in which I totally fail to shut my folksy piehole

Word of mouth is everything. Click the link, and buy this CD.

Disregard the handlebar streamers; the new Girl's Bike Club CD is the best thing about Xkzule this year.

My ET and I have been telling y'all forever about how cool everything Sars says is, and especially her pearls of wisdom regarding the mysterious, ineffable, inexplicable comedy that is the Girl's Bike Club. There's a reason one or the both of us has announced the posting of each of the recent installments as if bringing those tidings of comfort and joy that certain people won't shut up about at this time of year. The written version was brilliant; the audio is transcendent (in comedic terms, at least; I can't promise it will cause you to be assumed bodily into heaven, but there's at least a passing chance.)

I missed the shirts when she had them available. I got the CD yesterday and, as yet, have listened to nothing else. It costs $10 including shipping, it's the best thing you'll hear before the year ends, and Sars sent me a really nice response to the congratulatory email I sent her for the incredibly quick pre-Xkzule shipping and the subsequent near-pissing of the pants upon first listening to it. So, should you do as I command you, you'll be buying DIY art from a pair (for Wing Chun, who cocreated Television Without Pity, plays her part with aplomb) of professionally snarky female writers who serve to mock pop culture intelligently and with unflinching honesty...yet who, in real life, are genuinely happy that you like their art, and are cool enough to thank you when you take the time to say so. Seriously, your indie cred will jump right through the roof. This CD will make you cool.

OK, so if you aren't already cool -- which you are, Loyal Readership of Five or Six, At Last Count -- this CD will not provide the necessary mojo. But seriously. If you want good artists in the world, you have to support them. Go read the essays. Go buy the CD. If I'm wrong, you're out $10. If I'm not, you are laughing your ass off. In either case, Sars can pay the vet bill, Tomato Nation, This Is Not Over, and TWoP (not to mention Fametracker and Hissyfit) keep on turning, and I can keep reading all of them, thus getting out my rage at the suckiness of much of everything in a positive fashion, instead of simply expiring in despair at the continued presidency of GWB. That way, maybe I'll be alive to vote the Anything But This Ticket in 2008, to place the decisive vote that casts the current cast of characters out of their high places and positions of power.

In short, the fate of the world is in your hands. Just click.

******I realize I didn't tell you anything about why it's funny, what's good about it -- and I'm not gonna, because any attempt to explain the GBC concept falls flat like Simon LeBon post-blow dart, and y'all just need to trust me (and Sauce, the twin who has the t-shirt), shell out your $10, and be prepared to bask in the funny.


At 3:22 PM, Blogger Lady A said...

awesome and wonderful...but where's the promised post about Yule??? *whines*

At 5:33 AM, Blogger Special Sauce said...

I *need* to order the CD- I'm thinking after payday it's a must- just because, how could I not?


At 2:34 AM, Blogger parcequilfaut said...

I'm trying to get the awesome Kara of Cafe O2 to get a few copies for resale, maybe. She's going to give it a listen at the holiday postmortem, if I can part with it for that long.

I have yet to take it out of the CD-ROM. It has eaten my soul, as LadyA puts it. (Confidential to LadyA: Heinlein cannot eat your soul, only enlighten it.)


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