Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Peekaboo, Internet Style

I have Sitemeter because, like most normal human beings, I have a measure of vanity about my projects. But I'm also fascinated by the places the Internet takes people. For instance, just recently (as in, within approximately the past 72 hours):

Some people came here who linked through Hissyfit's review of the Oscars from last year, which I complimented in the comments section. You should have stayed longer, fellow Hissyfitters.

Someone came through a blog I've never read, really, but whose post on free speech I commented on because I happened to be looking for info on the ugly-ass Nathan Bedford Forrest statue that someone erected out on I-65 (link will show you a pic, if you like hideous and in terrible taste). You also should have stayed, random person from the Bureau of Land Management!

Someone was looking up graywash tattoos on MSN. Thanks for looking at the pics! Someone else was looking up my tattoo guy on Yahoo, came into this post, and I think also checked the pics, based on the amount of time and page views. I've gotten used to the Thor's hammer tattoo searches from time to time.

Why anyone would want to know what MSN has to say on the subject of hold music, I have no idea, but they were from Riot Grrl Headquarters, aka Olympia, Washington, so they get a pass on not staying. (Actually there were two such searches. Weirdos.)

Someone else wanted to find a kitty sensei on Technorati, and found, but did not read, this post. Hello, Malaysia!

Vapo-rub for infants? No help here.

Someone also searched blogger for "PUF Part 1", but I have a feeling that was one of the Loyal Readership.

A proto-Heinleinite on Yahoo wanted to know more about pantheistic solipsism and checked out these two posts. Thou art God; that which groks! Come back and see us sometime. Someone else on Yahoo wanted to know about (presumably) the song Who the F... Is Alice?, but got this post instead. Oddly, it was the first item in the search.

An MSN search on "pre to post modern" yielded my blog because I went to that store recently, but it won't tell me which post and I'm too tired to look it up.

Some were from sources closer to home.... my Myspace profile, Irina's blog, the links that come up in my email signatures, and a couple of people searched me up through Blogger itself. Not to mention all the "unknowns." Sorry I haven't been posting as much; going to work on that as much as I can. Hope y'all found what you were looking for, even if it wasn't here!


At 2:03 PM, Blogger Irina Tsukerman said...

LOL, hilarious searches! I haven't done one of those search-linkfests in a while... Thanks for the mention!

At 2:51 PM, Blogger GoddessAradia said...

PUF Part 1 was me. I was looking for an old post.

At 5:51 PM, Blogger parcequilfaut said...

Honestly, 'Rina, I get more hits off your blog than any other, including GoddessA's.
I wonder why all the people who are so vociferous in their comments over on your blog don't want to admit they've stopped and spent a few minutes reading here. ;)

GoddessA, I totalllllly knew it was you. Who else? (Plus, I had insider information.)

At 12:22 AM, Blogger parcequilfaut said...

ETA: The weirdest search waited until after the post. Check this out.

At 6:51 PM, Blogger Charles said...

Dude, your blog is...interesting!

(And for once, that word is meant as a compliment!)

At 4:50 PM, Blogger parcequilfaut said...

Thanks, dude! Hope you'll stick around and become one of the Loyal Readership! (I was waiting for the comments on this post to get to five, and they did. Thanks!)


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