Friday, September 22, 2006

Little Green Blobs of Love

Well, "love" isn't the right word. More like "blistering, festering hate". I hate upper respiratory infections.

I have my Fall Funk. This episode of FF has involved relatively little suffering, thanks in no small part to the Artist, who has plied me with vanilla rum for my pain. Since I'm of the firm opinion that he gave it to me while I was plying his version of it with whiskey last week, that's not as selfless and altruistic as it might appear, but I'm thankful anyway. Here in a few minutes I'll go into the kitchen and have some more delightful off-brand DayQuil.

In other news, been making out like a bandit on eBay buying new work clothes, headed off to AppleOak this weekend for the teaching of Guedra despite lingering cough and general funk, and a very new kitten is coming home to live with me. Hurray!

Not too much more on which to ruminate...up to 548 books on LibraryThing as of last night, totally not packed to leave yet, very much in the mood for a breakfast which does not appear to be materializing. I'll talk to you later.


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