Monday, March 14, 2005

Don't Worry, It's Just A Quickie

I have, have, HAVE to go to bed, but since I've barely been awake for 12 hours I thought I'd take a minute to give you the highlights.

Saturday was the Chieftess' & Champions' Combo Birthday Bash.

I saw umpty million people I haven't seen in forever, including but not limited to, Big Mama N, Big Daddy K, Big D, The Armorer and his wife Ianna, Jack Daniels Man and his awesome wife, as well as the usual suspects (CDHSarah and God, KayVon, the Artist, etc.)

Mon fils called and left a message, but hasn't called back yet. So I hope he does. Je t'adore, mon fils! Donne-moi un coup de telephone tout de suite, s'il te plait?

I also saw a girl I know the Artist had a fling with, and was able to behave, because I actually like her, and I don't think it's going to be a repeat, which is good, because I am a jealous beast and if he's not sleeping with me, I'd prefer that he didn't sleep with people I know reasonably well, because I am still a bit territorial about the man on whom I focus my limited heterosexuality.

We managed not to totally freak out the only Christian Republican at the party, who actually had a good time.

I got Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2 when I bought C&C's present, a really fabulous bowl with a big, semi-Georgia O'Keefe flower on it that matches their new dining room decor. Not that I can WATCH them because the VCR crapped out, but I HAVE them and that's something.

I have been sober for 2 days, and I am coping, even though sobriety blows. (Not AA/NA sobriety, just taking a break.)

I got my boobies grabbed several times (by people who have boobie-grabbin' privileges), which was cool, and Ianna accidentally smacked me in the bush, which sucked a little. Also, I bit CDHSarah, who totally deserved it, and she was so drunk she forgot about it, which is even better, because now I won't get bitched at about it ad infinitum.

I got made fun of during CatchPhrase (which my team OWNED, thanks) because my first clue for "key" was "It's what cocaine comes in, it's the abbreviation for kilo." Hee! Damn rap stars.

I found the coolest present ever for the Artist and he loves it.

I managed to keep my cool even when there were upwards of thirty people in the small house, which is an accomplishment for l'il ol' me.

We all quoted Napoleon Dynamite to the point of ridiculousness.

CDHSarah, the Artist and I sat on the couch and treated the house to a rendition of the Strong Badian National Anthem.

This morning the Former Fling Girl brought back doughnuts (she had slept elsewhere but wanted to hang out before she drove back to the ATL) and we cleaned the house and hung out for a while, and then I went to work, where I owned it ALL. Brite Sale (lamps) this weekend, and I was the addon queen. I have some catching up to do for missing last weekend's sale due to kitty anxiety, which I have totally smoothed over with my supervisor. I made some strides today. We'll see when the updated numbers come out tomorrow how far I have to go.

It makes you feel really good when someone in authority over you, who has known you for maybe a month (but has the glowing recs from the last 2 years to go on) tells you that she knows you're responsible, that you wouldn't miss work unless it was truly unavoidable (snort), and that you manage your anxiety disorder so well that she never would have known you had it if you didn't share it with her.


The ParcePere is fixing the van! I'm getting my car back and I don't have to pay for it. Totally unsolicited, too -- when I asked him how to take off a starter, he decided he'd just rather pay my mechanic then let my non-machinery-oriented self play around under the hood. So, that's awesome.

Another super bonus: DSH's parents are out of town and she is housesitting, which means she'll be getting the papazan out of the attic that she's giving me -- the same one I totally coveted all through high school. Papazan yay.


Shouts to MWN for sharing Conversations with my Muslim with other folks. If any of those folks are readin', leave me a comment! The rest of y'all should too.

Now I'm going to bed. No, really. I must. It's all Wayne's World up in here...

"Go then!" "I'm going!" "Go then!" "I'm gone!"


At 12:17 PM, Blogger Special Sauce said...

"I once thought I had mono for a whole year. Turns out I was just really bored."

Ah, Wayne's World. Hee!

Big comfy round chairs rock mightily, as do good parties and not smackin' (physically or verbally) people you really really WANT to smack, but shouldn't because you're a grownup.


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