Wednesday, March 09, 2005

My, My, My State Sucks

Sars rules.

We all knew that.

She posted the information I sent her on TINO about Tennessee's proposed gay adoption ban and anti-gay marriage amendment.

God, we suck.

I mean, we REALLY, REALLY suck, and this sucks, and yeah.

I'm going to repeat what I said in the comments on TINO for all my non-Nashville/Tennessean readers.

Contact our reps. Tell them you're not coming here. (If you weren't intending to in the first place, you don't have to let them know that.) Most of Tennessee is a tourist state, what isn't agriculture based requires frequent transfusions of out-of-state funds (and agriculture is dying); whether you were planning to come here or not, tell them you WILL NOT come here while we keep acting like bigoted idiots and idiotic bigots. In particular, Diane Black, one of two sponsoring the legislation, comes from a community which in large part commutes to Metro Nashville for work, many of them in tourism-related industries (particularly the Opryland Hotel/Opry Mills complex). Let her know that, besides directly hurting the children of Tennessee to suit her moral agenda, she has just lost another visitor to our Convention Center, our Parthenon, our Country Music Hall of Fame, and that it is her constituency (not to mention the foster kids left unadopted who are about to lose their state sponsored health care) she is hurting with her "values".

If you want to take it that far, contact CMT, Dell, BellSouth, or any one of the other companies who are based here for the cheap, non-union labor, and let THEM know what you think, too. Dell probably has its own district by now. Send Bill Frist an email letting him know you won't be gracing the doors of the Frist Center for the Visual Arts any time soon.

Tourism is our lifeblood down here since the bottom fell out of farming. Hitting them in the pocket is the only way.

MWN and other Tennesseans, you know what to do. Anyone instate who wants to email me or comment here, we have some ideas if the referendum goes to ballot and would love to network.


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Interesting link in today's Wall Street Journal ( on this topic.


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