Thursday, March 24, 2005

Fnord Fnord Fuck -- Photo Essay

Tonight was GOING to be part II of my Why I Believe What I Believe & Why It Makes Me Sad series.

Of course, today I was going to do freelance work too, and instead the tape had been eaten when the old VCR crapped out, and it was too late for me to drive downtown and get another copy, because my contact was out of the office after 10. So instead I went to the Chinese buffet with Korea Army Buddy and his wife, aka Anoretic Homie, since he just got home and they are setting up housekeeping at base not too far away.

Then I slept off the Chinese food and went to group, where, since 2/7 of the people couldn't make it for the third week running (because March sucks), we didn't do anything rules-related and instead just cast a circle, did some minor work, did some post-work divinations, and then ate pizza and looked at CDHSarah's old HS yearbook.

CDHSarah did tell me I'd done the best divination she'd ever seen me do when the subject was not someone with whom I was intimately familiar, and that made me feel really good. Also, I lent my Kali that I got and lost, and my St. Francis came back. But I left my Legba box at CDHSarah's, so I feel kind of bereft.

Being in a good and post-successful-divinatory mood, I thought I'd review my notes from conversations with Lady A and write this thing. Then I sat down and started trying to review my notes, and realized that the PSD mood was quickly evaporating in the face of all the sense and sensibility I was trying to throw at it.

Then I remembered that I bought extra batteries, so I could check to see if my multifunction machine was still working, because one of its functions is a digital camera. PROJECT!

After some fucking around, downloading, and swearing, I have faux psychedelic, kind-of-what-they-look-like-if-they-were-different-colored pictures of the Elder and Middle Kitty. The Kitten, being entirely black and needlessly difficult, has not deigned to be anywhere that will allow her to be even poorly photographed, and when I try to chase her into the bathroom where the light is best, she just runs into the closet in the room where there is no light at all, and does the Kitten equivalent of sticking her fingers in her ears and saying "Neener."

Unfortunately, I am now tired and not about to start the piece I was going to write. Apparently some of you are still grokking the last nonsense, so maybe it's for the best.

Pictures of the cats. Enjoy. And leave me a comment telling me how beautiful they are, even in the wrong colors. Or else.


At 10:17 AM, Blogger Special Sauce said...


I am rendered powerless by their utter adorability.

So. Very. Cute.

Much love to your fuzzballs, and to you too!

At 6:19 PM, Anonymous Lady Alambil said...

Oh, the cuteness. Oh, the cuteness. It makes me miss my six cats at home. *grins* Mmmm. And again I say:
Oh, the cuteness!


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