Friday, April 15, 2005

So Many Gay, In College...

Listening to the Junior Vasquez remix of Margaret Cho's piece about her mother and her father's gay friend from college....

....and lookin' at where Sars put up the info I sent her at This is Not Over.

Go see it. It's funny in that funny-not sort of way.

On second thought, Sauce, maybe you and Stephranger don't want to flee down here after all.

The gay, they like to eat outside....

I gave blood today on top of bleeding, and I think I had some renegade aspirin in my system, because I bled like a muhfuh. So I am going back to bed to read something that requires only 30% of my attention, because I need a catnap before TV Time.

Fair warning to my beloved readers....I am working over fifty hours in the next five days so that I can afford to go to PUF, so if I appear here, it will probably only be briefly. Or it will be because my job has driven me to the brink and I have quit. Which doesn't need to happen, so wish me luck.

Also, go give ET love, and Evil too. I have to see if my upstairs neighbor will water the cats while I'm gone, and give them scritches.


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