Thursday, June 16, 2005

Law & Order Is Hard (When You Have A Kitty In Your Lap Remix)

I wanted to write. The Middle Kitty wanted the bulk of my lap. We're three-finger typing up in this bitch.

Met another god today (not that I don't every day)...the Artist's ritual contribution to the meeting was one of the coolest we've ever had. He created ritual space with sage, calling the Norse elementals, and then continued to walk the circle, "casting it in fire" as he put it, while giving the rest of us a guided meditation to Asgard, so that we could all meet Forsete. (Wikipedia has nothing on this guy, other than an alternate spelling, and neither one gave me an acceptable definition. Arrgh.)

FRONT! Remind me to write a blog post on "linking out" information and whether it makes people, as a whole, more or less educated (the ability to explain a thing being one of the prerequisites for understanding.)

Dammit, I need running secretaries and other modern conveniences.

Forsete (or Forseti, although something about that spelling puts me off) is the Norse god in charge of Sam Waterston...I mean, in charge of law and justice. The interesting thing is that designation, because they differentiated between the carnal justice, the justice of war, embodied in Tyr, and the justice of law, which is Forsete's forte. He will not fight in Ragnarok, although Tyr is listed among the combatants -- he will be keeping order and honor right up to the point when Loki slays Thor.

So we went across the Bifrost Bridge, the famed Over the Rainbow, and all of us learned things there. The things I learned I have not yet grokked, but waiting is until waiting is filled.

But I found out one thing; while it's up to Odin whether or not I ever feast in the Hall of Heroes, in Valhalla, I will not be shut out of Asgard when the time comes. Which matters, since I have friends in both Fiddler's Green and Valhalla (depending on your belief system) and if you can't get into Asgard, those people are lost to you. It is a goodness to know these things.

We had sweet mead blessed with the Artist's boarknife (his last December gift was a Freya on boarback and he now has a bone-handle blade with a cast boar on the handle that is one of the neatest athame-type knives I've ever seen) and did our mala together, and then I went (mistakenly) to wait on a friend who wasn't coming (not her fault), and instead sat and withdrew and tried to grok what I had learned.

In other news, the slow excavation of the ParcePad has resulted in the reassembly and growth of the Desk Altar.

The Desk Altar used to be really awesome, with this nifty staggered-candle, feng shui a la Target base my sister gave me, and small statues and stones scattered around it. Unfortunately, after I moved and then moved again, I have ended up having NO IDEA where the damn thing is. It'll turn up, likely during the excavation, but in the meantime things have coalesced and I have accidentally created a nicely-balanced, albeit small, altar-type thing.

I don't hold with desks, not since school, and so my computer sits on a large glass table that looks a good bit different than it did when the Artist and I carried it 2 blocks home from the Salvation Army sidewalk sale, thanks to a new coat of paint. It's a large table, and relatively deep, so the CPU is next to the monitor, and the altar is right under it -- the red halo around Ganesh's head covers the power button. Clustered around him are Venus 1.0 (the first large Dordogne-style I made), a clove-scented green candle, a holy card with the Sacred Heart of Mary, a piece of quartz, a resting Buddha, a primitive Goddess-with-cauldron, and a glow-in-the-dark St. Isidore, patron saint of the Internet. If I can find a Saraswati large enough that the cats won't carry her away to realms unknown, I'd like to add her to the party, but waiting will fill.

I hadn't really looked at it as a whole until tonight, because with the cleaning and the moving of the central altar and all that, it's been shuffled a bit. Apparently I do pretty darn well when I'm not paying attention.

Well, I have die shrinkenmeister in the morning, so I'm going to cut the semipagan ranting short and mosey off to bed. Have an excellent Thursday, even if you've never quite gotten the hang of them.


At 9:03 AM, Blogger GoddessAradia said...

Yeah, I never did get the hang of Thursday. Though tomorrow will be easy. Of course, a day when you get handed a rather pretty check and told to go home and not work for two days is easy.....I heart payday fridays;oP

Yes, the ritual was cool. Even if I got denied

At 5:31 PM, Anonymous ladyalambil said...

that sounds like one of the coolest ritual/guided meditation things EVER. Only thing better (for my pagan-y tendancies) would be a vist to Tir-na-Og. But still.

At 9:50 PM, Blogger Irina Tsukerman said...

Believe it or not, in the DA's Office here, they actually get paid on Thursdays... which made me feel really bad, 'coz I got nothin'!

At 1:11 AM, Blogger parcequilfaut said...

Tir-na-Og is a cool place, but dangerous, even in meditation, because there is no one to keep you from staying for always unless your guide is staying out of the meditation (as I understand it, although if that's something you'd like to explore I'm sure the Artist and I can talk to the BDSL and get enough info to do it safely.) Let me know.

I spent 10 hours at the smoke shop today without even realizing it. Go me.


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