Monday, June 06, 2005

You Get What You Pay For

Again, big ups to Irina for giving me memes to do while I'm Secret Squirrelin'...they always get me off on thoughts. And for the record, during the Saraswati puja for students yesterday, I totally directed my thoughts at her LSAT scores...let's all hope she does well.

For your delectation, my (adapted) version of Irina's latest tag.

Choose Your Own Life Soundtrack Meme For The Story of E Moet

Opening Song
Subterranean Homesick Blues, Bob Dylan

Waking up
(if happy about it) Bouncing Around the Room, Phish
(if not) No No No, the Gossip

Falling in Love
(with man) Head Over Feet, Alanis Morisette
(with woman) Sugar Magnolia, the Grateful Dead

Sex Scene
(bouncy fun scene) Brick House, Rob Zombie remix from House of 1000 Corpses
(lovely sex scene) Untitled Six, Sigur Ros

(with anyone): Being In Love, Meryn Cadell
(with a man) Good Woman, Cat Power
(with a woman) Population 1975, the Butchies
(with both at the same time) Dancing Barefoot, Patti Smith
(in secret, so no one knows I'm a huge cliché) Untouchable Face, Ani Difranco
(when I'm starting to feel better about it) Who's Going to Mow Your Grass, Buck Owens

First Big Argument with Parents
STS, the Butchies. "No! You don't even know!"

Rebellious Song
P.I.M.P, 50 Cent & Hypnotize, Notorious B.I.G.

First Time Really Drunk
Bloodletting (The Vampire Song), Concrete Blonde

Otherwise Intoxicated
Smoke Two Joints, Sublime or Ganja by the Gossip

(aimless, thinking) Garden Grove, Sublime
(aimless, scenery-watching and singing): Waltzing Matilda (Slim Pickens version) or Whiskey in the Jar (traditional, not Metallica's version)
(need to be there already) Move, Bitch, Ludacris

Getting Ready To Go Out
Supermodel, Bran Van 3000 or Brown Sugar by the Rolling Stones

Wedding Song
Dueling Banjos, Roy Clark/Chet Atkins.
(yes, that's the song from Deliverance. Yes, the one. With the buttfucking. It's also one of my favorite pieces of fingerpicked bluegrass. Anyone snickering at my unlikely putative wedding will be caned, double if it's CDHSarah.)

Dream Sequence
Singapore, Tom Waits

Out of Body Experience
Staralflur, Sigur Ros or Space Oddity, David Bowie

Feeling Depressed
most of OK Computer. Can't really get more specific than that.

Birth of Child
What else but Little Babies, Sleater-Kinney?

Walking in the Rain
These Days, Nico

Striptease Song
N/A -- socially in partial or total undress too much of the time to make a guess.

Going To Hated Job
Pick A Bale of Cotton, Leadbelly

Walking Off Said Jobsite
Many Men, 50 Cent -- or, if tech job, All My Shootins be Drive-Bys, MC Stephen Hawking

Moment When Sun Shines In Room Perfectly
Shame On You, the Indigo Girls

Falling Asleep
Jòga, Björk

Funeral Song
I Ain't Marchin' Anymore, Arlo Guthrie

Closing Song
In The Aeroplane Over The Sea, Neutral Milk Hotel

Memes just don't fit Discordians, man. Here's the categories they forgot:

Smack my Bitch Up, Prodigy

Breaking Up
(man) Like A Rolling Stone, Bob Dylan
(woman) Angie, the Rolling Stones

Chain Smoking
Judy is a Punk, the Ramones (since in deference to The Royal Tenenbaums we light a cigarette literally every time we hear that song)

...and here's the mini-playlist of Songs To Sing Loudly With Intoxicated Friends

Show Me The Way To Go Home (that one's CDHSarah's)
The Cheat is Not Dead, as originally sung by The Brothers Strong
Fuck You I'm Drunk
Irish Drinking Song, the Drop Kick Murphys version
Waltzing Godzilla
Trogdor, the Burninator
Fire Water Burn
and many others. Only $19.95!

In non-meme news, I started a class at the Holistic Growth Center related to Kali, and went to a Saraswati puja. That requires more grokking and cherishing than I can give it right now, so look for it here soon!


At 9:08 PM, Blogger Special Sauce said...

ET ET ET can't you see, sometimes your words just hypnotize me.

A most excellent playlist, and an excellent meme.

My best Dueling Banjos moment was coming up over Clearfield mountain into my redneck ancestral homeland with my mom. I cued up DB, as we crested the hill above our old house, and passed 2 men in a pickup truck with a dog between 'em, gun rack, and confederate flag a flappin. It was a sight to behold.

And redneck connotations aside, it IS one damned good piece of pickin'.

At 6:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

zennie, querida!!! i have been missing you something fierce, and worrying. i sent you emails, but they bounced back. all hail bust lounge thread archives!!! which is where i tracked down this address....thank the gods you are posting merrily in here. muito happy to know that you are alive and well and living in nash vegas. must run and read up (haven't heard re you since march.....) i'll be back, though.

i meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeece you!!! MWAH


At 9:10 AM, Blogger GoddessAradia said...

sho me da way ta go hoom, AYM tird an I wanna gota beeeee.............
I ha a lidle drrrink - k, mebe it wernt so lidle -
abou un hour agho
an i wen sragh tu mai head......

God Bless Shifty;oP

Yes I will probably crack a smile if you actually play that at your wedding. Of course you luaghed at my wedding when the preacher went on a rant about Jesus everlasting love for "these two Christians"

You've tempted me to attempt a similar list...
No promises on it's quality:)

At 10:46 AM, Blogger Memphis Word Nerd said...

AAAAAAAAAAH! *screams delightedly* You NAILED my sunshine song! "Shame On You" is my #1 sunshine song. That line about looking at the windows gets me every time. It's the first song on my iPod playlist titled "Sunshine". If I play that first thing in the morning, I am always in a great mood all day. Hmmmm. I'm tempted to post a meme now. I've never done it before but you're inspiring me.

At 11:19 AM, Blogger parcequilfaut said...

I'll take y'all in order...

ET...I'm glad you love my classy ways...guess that's why they're broke and we're so paid. Or something. And honestly? Some of those dog'n'truck'n'Confedrut flag guys aren't so bad. But I'm glad you love the pickin'.

Tessie! Mwah! There have been Internet Difficulties at my house for quite a while and various firewalls keep me off BUST until soon-from-now, but hang out and you'll know when I'm back in the running. Good to see you! *kisses*

CDHSarah, I did not laugh when the pastor-dude started talking about your life together in Christ. I stifled giggles when I saw the face Don Shiftador was making in response to whatever face YOU were making. That was all. If you grin, so much more the better. If I hear laughter....well, I've already pre-contracted Snowman to work security at the non-event for a 40 and twenty bucks, so be warned.

MWN, me and Jesus, we're of the same heart. The only thing that keeps us distant is that I keep fucking up.

At 11:19 AM, Blogger parcequilfaut said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 2:59 PM, Blogger Memphis Word Nerd said...

For the record, the first song on my "Smoky Nights" playlist is "Nuevas Senoritas". The Indigo Girls actually top a few of my playlists.

Latest song addiction? "Seven Shades of Blue" by Beth Nielsen Chapman. If I ever start a "I Wish I Was At The Beach" playlist, it will be first.

Sauce, I think you need to borrow this meme and post it on your blog. I'd be curious to see your choices.

At 9:18 PM, Blogger Irina Tsukerman said...

Parcequilfaut, thanks!

An awesome meme (shame I don't know most of those singers/bands) : )


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