Thursday, June 09, 2005

The System is...Up? Also, Bite Me, Fan Fair

The system is working again. I should be thrilled, but I'm not feeling all that peppy for some reason, just kind of what the Artist would call "meh".

This may have something to do with the interruptions in my Thursday routine. First of all, working or nay, I DO NOT GET UP EARLY ON THURSDAY. It is "going to the doctor" day, and I try like hell never to schedule anything before, at the very earliest, 10 AM on Thursday.

Comcast, because they suck donkey testicle, started off the routine fuckery.

Now, I know better than to trust the cable guy or his supposed ETA. Nevertheless, because the rep swore to me that she was noting my appointment as one of the guy's first three (which turned out to be true, as a buddy of mine who works for the Evil Empire showed me some of the internal coding that lets you know how you were queued..,not promised they'll be done in the scheduled order, but that was something), so I actually set the alarm for 8 AM so I wouldn't be naked and groggy when he started to knock on the door, or miss him entirely, as happened once before when the cable guy was actually early and I was in a state of posthypnotic undress. So I put on clothes and went back to sleep, but woke up every hour or so long enough to fume about having woken up early in the first place. He didn't show until 10:30 am.

It took about four hours to fix my cable for no apparent reason, and the guy had forgotten his company phone, and on and on and on with the annoyance. The cable guy was actually pretty nice, but it somewhat unnerved me when he borrowed change off me to call the company so I could give them my credit card to pay for the reactivation. It just struck me wrong, somehow.

So I had no time before the doctor, just time enough to head out, and after the doctor, when I was expecting to take a leisurely drive downtown well before rush hour (which is usually awesome, as I always get caught in the drive time when I'm trying to get downtown after an appointment), I instead was in gridlock backed up to 14th Avenue, because of the hordes of fucking tourists.

It's Fan Fair time in Nashville, y'all, and look who forgot?

Reasons I Hate Fan Fair

1. Hordes of tourists. Normally I don't mind tourists, we always have them anyhow and I try my best to be nice. But Fan Fair brings them out en masse.

2. It happens when it's really, really hot. See #1. Gridlock when it's 90 degrees and above 75% humidity is like waiting in line for Hell. I don't envy the kids going to the Roo this weekend one damn bit.

3. #1 and #2 make "parking downtown" -- usually not a huge hassle on Thursday afternoon -- an extremely large production, requiring all the wit, skill, and knowledge of our fair city I possess. Problem is that even lots that are usually free aren't during Fan Fair, and they close First, which is unmetered, so I had to park at the Gay Street Extension (hee...readers of Heinlein take note), which is not terribly far. Under normal circumstances.

4. Essentially, I hate Fan Fair because it makes everything not work the way it usually does, including the availability of entrances to places I may be heading, hence more walking in the heat, and the poker game being cancelled. I don't guess I can blame it for me getting my ass whipped at chess by Patrick, but I'll sure as hell try.

I have new bookshelves that I need to finish assembling. I have a poem I need to finish. I have a messy-ass house, and in 12 hours I have not-at-home type things to do, so I need to get something done before bed, as well as a bath. (Also, tomorrow (appendages crossed) I might ACTUALLY get my FUCKING PHONE TO WORK. That's what you get for trying to go with the new technology.)

What am I doing instead? Reading Britney and Kevin: Chaotic over on TWoP.

Anyway, since I have no great spiritual wisdom or cute cat photos to impart, I will leave you now that you are aware that I'll be around more once I feel like being around and have a reason to impose my presence...or something.

Big ups to Fresno, y'all.


At 9:23 AM, Blogger GoddessAradia said...

Yay for the return of Parce!

FanFair sucks so much I wanna puke.

At 9:23 AM, Blogger GoddessAradia said...

Oh yeah, so does country.

And btw, I got Patrick in check - twice!

At 9:24 AM, Blogger GoddessAradia said...

country music, I meant country music;oP


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