Thursday, January 13, 2005

There'll Be Dinner On My Dinner Jacket (When the Dinner Bell Rings) -- Anorexia Remix

An update on my anorexic friend...

She has admitted it. Admitted that she has an eating disorder, that she doesn't know how to plan a healthy diet, and she is getting help.

Now the problem becomes where to go from here.

She's violated our trust, mine and our other best friend, and OBF is taking it much harder than I am -- to the point that she's almost grieving over the hurt that she's imposed on us throughout this ordeal. And here I am, in the middle again.

So many things dumped on me this month, most of them out of my control. Thus far, the year's tarot has hit the nail on the head. Getting fired, mom out of town, cat with health problem, crazy friend drama, crazy Artist drama...sigh. Things are never easy.


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