Saturday, July 02, 2005

Oh Happy Day

Yes. I have two copies of that hymn on my computer, and I'm listening to the one from Sister Act II.

I have a new gig, which was given to me through pure chance.

Thursday night, I went to Patrick's, as I do...but the game got done quite early,y, and the new oxygen bar downstairs had gotten really swamped, so Kara (one of the owners) invited me to come down, whereupon I met Jon (pronounced with a Yod sound).

Jon runs a very upscale salon downtown and owns two floors in the building. Half the second floor is his (incredibly gorgeous) apartment.

I am now the hired help. We ended up going to the Chute (gay bar, if you couldn't guess) after Cafe O2 closed, and back to his place after. When I mentioned that I clean for the boss and am at loose ends right now, he offered me the same amount I get to do an entire house every other week to come once a week and clean the apartment, which compared to the boss' place is a total cakewalk. Hello, over $200 extra each month! You will easily cover the cable and electric bills! He's also talking about hiring me for 2 extra days each week as a PA, to do things like take his precious puppy to the groomers and go pay the bills he can't pay online. He's even payin my parking downtown. I am thrilled.

In other news, Ganesh came through for me, and I have enough money to pay every bill this month, get the rent in on time, and still have money for things like groceries, and new books.

I got new books yesterday with the unexpected cleaning money, after I paid the electric bill. Which means you can expect new reviews at the book blog soon, probably tonight after I get home from watching Kingdom Hospital with CDHSarah.

But first I'm going to Tish's, and buying a new sarong to wear to the TWO parties I've been invited to on the Fourth. Quelle bonne chance! I feel so popular these days.


At 4:45 PM, Blogger GoddessAradia said...

Congrats, Parce. Sounds like a great deal. Any chance he might bring you on full time?

At 12:40 AM, Blogger parcequilfaut said...

I think Ganesh and I already have a full time gig. :P


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