Monday, July 11, 2005

Wherever You Go, You End Up Here

Not quite. But after I gave the brief life overview of what's been going on since Wodinsday, I decided to check the stats on the Sitemeter I finally broke down and installed on the site.

Here's what strings hapless search-engine users are typing in to end up here....most of them aren't staying, sadly. Still funny stuff. Check it out.

AskJeeves search for Steve Hawking's Black Hole theory
(Steve? Are you on first name terms with the guy?)

Technorati search for case worker and shaman AND quail
(the supreme irony of both those search matches has not been lost on me)

Yahoo search for tattoo thor's hammer (and an Alltheweb search for "tattoo mjollnir" that turned up the same page). Hope those dudes aren't copying the Artist's piece, because he might cut someone for that.
(It's creepy how many neo-Nazi and white supremacy links come up when you use that search string. For the record, the Artist isn't too fond of skinheads, he's just a big fan of the Norse Gods.)

Yahoo search for music of Godzilla
(there you go, CDHSarah)

Yahoo search for inspirational thoughts to live by & points to ponder

Plus a few people from Irina's blogroll, none of whom apparently stayed, a couple people from comments on, Chez Miscarriage, and Jewlicious, and some myspace folks of unknown origin, as it only lets me track back that they came from either the book blog or my profile. It also appears that our Aussie friends came to visit for a few minutes when they got to Chicago. Hi guys!

But the lovely Louise and the excellent ClooJew (whose blog name I cannot believe I spelled correctly on the first try) are the only ones leaving comments and letting us know of their illustrious presence! You can hang out, guys. Pacifists usually only bite in the heat of passion, and there hasn't been any of that for a looooonnnng time, promise, so I think I've learned to control myself. Pull up a chair. Sit a spell. Kick back and whittle some.

This has got me tempted to seed the blog with weird search phrases (like the RenReb, who gets all kinds of weird hits for "sexy babysitter" and "hot frum girls" (and, thanks to CJ, "lulei demistafina"). Maybe now I can be cool like she is.


At 9:27 AM, Blogger GoddessAradia said...

dude I am sooo totally linking right now. check on my accomplishments:)

At 9:28 AM, Blogger GoddessAradia said...

heellll yeah it worked!

At 1:02 PM, Blogger GoddessAradia said... do I list blogs that I heart? Like....urs....and marks....(he's as crazy as an alice btw) etc.......

At 1:02 PM, Blogger GoddessAradia said...


At 8:01 PM, Blogger Special Sauce said...

Ooo! Bunnies! Heartage! Sweet- go GA!

How you doin' ET? I still get hits for Long Dong Silver, which still cracks me up, There's some wild stuff out there, eh?


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