Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I've Got A Box!

Thanks to Erik the Viking, I have a monitor.

Thanks to the past 3 hours of nonstop clicking, I have checked all the email that came in in the less-than-48-hours that I was without it.

There was a LOT of it, too. And most of it was legit.

Note to the one definite weirdo who responded to my ad on craigslist: either you meant to craft an email full of poorly hidden sexual innuendo in response to a legit ad for legit services, in which case you are creepy, or you really need to go back to English 101 and learn about this little thing called "connotation" before you allow yourself near a keyboard again. But I'm pretty sure you're just a garden-variety creep. There's a whole section for people with your...needs...and it's not listed under "employment".

Soon, I'll post about the crazy woman at Hindu class last Sunday, my adventures with Shiva, and how I ended up spending tonight smoking shisha with one of the hottest girls I've seen in a minute (and, regrettably, doing nothing but smoking), but for now it's nearly 4:20. And, since I am an old fart, that means it's past my bedtime instead of almost time to fire it up.

I will also rewrite the reviews that myspace ate and a few more if I have time.

In the meantime, y'all use your Magic Blogger Vibes to try and get the professor who wants me to clean her house to agree to pay less in exchange for tutoring me in her subject, because that? Would be awesome. Me like learn stuff. Me want learn stuff but no pay tuition.

So'ham, ham'sa. Have a good day!


At 11:36 PM, Blogger Tony said...

"...I ended up spending tonight smoking shisha with one of the hottest girls I've seen in a minute (and, regrettably, doing nothing but smoking)..."

Seriously now, is every girl who visits my blog bi??? Or does every girl like to joke about lesbian tendencies?!

At 4:38 AM, Blogger parcequilfaut said...

Who's joking?

If anything, I am a lesbian with slight heterosexual tendencies, if my pointers-vs-setters scorecard is admissible as evidence.


(I still don't sleep with CDHSarah. She just helps me get dressed when I'm going out to get laid.)

At 7:01 AM, Blogger Special Sauce said...

Bring on the German Tutoring!

Fingers duly crossed.

And I need a "This outfit looks good on and will look equally good on the floor" wrangler.

(Though I'd settle for simply the former. I thought I had decent taste, but maa has raised a whole new round of "issues". But that's an issue for another place.)

At 10:17 AM, Blogger Tony said...

Maybe it's only lesbians and bisexuals who want me. Huh.

At 3:19 PM, Blogger parcequilfaut said...

I've got that going on too, Sauce. I've got a very Margot Tenenbaum jersey dress on hold at O2 that I think will knock 'em dead, but, being Plastic, I can't buy it without letting Sarah check it out. (It matches my burgundy boots! How can it not be awesome?)


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