Thursday, October 12, 2006


Holy shit guys.

This morning, I got an email from

Now, objectively I know that the month of November, and ergo NaNoWriMo, is fast approaching. The complexification inherent in that fact vis-a-vis neither myself nor the Artist having a laptop has even been discussed of late.

I have not edited my novel from last year. I have said I was going to edit my novel. I haven't even read my novel all the way through, tell the truth and shame the devil. My novel had a good premise, and then my nannyboss was a crazy bizznatch and I did the last of it at a dead run and the time sense of the book got all fucked up, and now I don't know if it can be redeemed. We shall see. Or, perhaps it will be my For Us, the Living. Who knows?

As usual, I have sixteen squared "good ideas for NaNo" socked away, and probably I will end up doing it the way I did last year...throw it all out, get a good idea in the final 24-hour run-up on Halloween and just go with it. Who can know?

One of my dad's less cute expressions, used when someone is being nosy, inquisitive, or just asking questions my dad thinks are pointless is "What's it to ya, pie-face, you writin' a book?" which is actually sort of cute only because it's my dad (and because of the fact that my three year old nephew now tries to repeat it after my dad on occasion and that is hilarity of the purest kind). It's the kind of thing my grandfather used to come out with when he was having a good time. It's weird. Now I can go "Yes!" in a snotty tone, if only in my head, every time my dad pulls out Typical Chestnut #72. That may be the only advantage I've gained thus far in my "writing" "career" , but at least I have one.

I also have a brand-new 19 inch monitor, which will be nice when I get started. In sixteen days. God spare me.

(Actually, it's pretty effin' nice right now.)

The only thing I know for sure is that I have to use my friend Angelises' habit of completely freaking out every time anyone knocks on the door, even when they've called to say they're pulling into the apartment complex, and yelling "Cheese it, the cops!" or similar.

Are you going to NaNo? If you are, tell me.

By the way, whilst I was noodling in the archives, I came across some things I still believe.


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